The importance of annual chimney inspections

It’s that time of year again, when sitting down with your family in front of a crackling fireplace is more than just appealing. But before you pack your home with friends and family for the holiday season it is important to have your chimney system and fireplace inspected and cleaned. It’s probably been at least 6 months since your last fire and a lot could have occurred in that time.

  1. Your chimney system could be being used as a shelter by your local wildlife. It is not uncommon to have birds, raccoons, and even feral cats using your insulated chimney to escape from the elements. And even if animals have already abandoned the chimney, it’s almost certain they left behind a few items that can cause problems for you.
  2.  While we are on the topic of summer, did you have any storms at your home? More than likely the answer to that is yes, and many times hail or high winds can damage or even displace important components of your chimney system, like the cap.
  3. Another reason to have your chimney inspected before use is you want to make sure that it is clean. If you used your fireplace at all last winter there is a possibility of creosote build up, and where there is build up there is an increased risk for chimney fires.
  4. Lastly, even if you don’t plan on using your fireplace it’s still important to have an inspection done, damage can occur even without use and can be a danger and left unresolved, it can even effect the resale value of a home.

Just as you would have an annual visit with your physician, your chimney needs an annual check up too!