Vinyl Liner


Swims & Sweeps is proud to offer Cardinal Pools vinyl liner pools. Whether you want unusual linear shapes with customized steps and benches or free form shapes with sundecks or spillover-spas, Cardinal Pools offers it and Swims & Sweeps can build it. Their pools are made from the highest quality materials.

Cardinal’s pool wall panels are made from only the finest domestically-sourced raw materials. We realize our customers are making a big investment when they decide to install a backyard pool, so we do our utmost to insure that the result is a beautiful and long-lasting swimming pool. Our commitment to quality and service is unrivaled.

Our manufacturing processes and computer design assures that every panel is totally consistent and accurate every time, guaranteeing a perfect fit and easy assembly on the job site. A Cardinal pool is, quite simply, built to last.


Vinyl-liner pools are one of the more popular choices for inground pool design because of their lower upfront cost and overall look. At Swims & Sweeps, we carry Cardinal Pools vinyl liner brand because we are confident they will bring long-lasting quality and character to your backyard.

The vinyl-liner pool systems offer a variety of shapes, sizes, liner patterns and accessories to choose from, allowing you to customize a backyard design that perfectly fits your personality. When you speak with your Swims & Sweeps design specialist you can expect to be shown all of your options in an effort to figure out which quality product will work best for your backyard.

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